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What do the reports say about learning in schools ?

Lowest learning outcomes with no applicable skills : Indian schools are reported to have the lowest learning outcomes with high scholastic achievement on paper. This trend has increased to heights in past three decades. Students from India are deemed the best rote learners with no applicable skills or knowledge. Our indigenous products and services are unreliable and are seen with contempt in our own country.This is a shameful irony.(ASER reports 2014)

Unrealistic Achievements : Students are collecting certificates with marks despite not being skilled enough to be anyway productive to the country.Rote learning methods and rigid right-wrong method of evaluation are the first to point at.Secondly, an army of disinterested teacherswho fail to facilitate applicable skills, discourage questioning, innovation and critical thinking are the plaguing factors to the Indian school education. (Reported on The HT and India Today-May 2017)